The Best Online Banking Service Providers in The Philippines

Online banking has become very popular these days. It allows you to send and receive money at the tap of a finger. Online banking has made things more convenient reducing the number of bank visits and waiting time substantially.


Here are the best online banks in the Philippines:


Citibank is the largest foreign bank in the Philippines. It has all the features that you need from an online bank. It also enables banking via a mobile app, downloadable on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Citibank also has excellent security features, so you can be sure that your transactions are secured.

Banco De Oro

BDO is the most famous bank in the Philippines. It has numerous branches all over the country. BDO is convenient and gives you reward points which are as good as cash. BDO is also Dragonpay-accredited. Once you have opened an account with BDO, it is easy to set-up e-banking.

Bank of the Philippine Islands

BPI is also a famous and trusted banking institution in the Philippines. You can also enroll for an investment account online and earn profit. Another important feature is that you can use PayPal with BDO. Unfortunately, there have been issues with connecting a BPI account to PayPal.

EastWest Bank

As compared with other banks, it is easier to open an account with Eastwest Bank. However, to enable online banking, you still have to submit some documents and visit your branch in person. It’s easy to connect an EastWest account to a PayPal account.


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